Family Recipe Friday: Rudy’s Apple Cake

George R. Nahodil's wonderful recipe for apple cake.

George R. Nahodil’s wonderful recipe for apple cake.

This is the first time this recipe is being sharing with the world.  I grew up watching my grandfather make this apple cake and to this day it is the only apple cake I have ever liked.


On one visit, he told me that it was time to learn how to bake this treasured cake for future generations of my family to enjoy as I have.  Though he never used a written recipe (like I need to), he did help me write this out during one of his last bakings in the year leading up to his passing.  I’m not sure if it is my inability to cook or bake anything or just my being sentimental but I have yet to attempt to make Rudy’s Apple Cake.


As I was reviewing the recipe, I could help but notice that it doesn’t really take that long to make yet it always seemed like an all day production to me…must have been my anticipation and impatience.

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  1. Lisa,
    What a lovely memory you’ve shared. I feel the same way about my grandmother and do the same thing. I can still see her in the kitchen. Each recipe brings back such warm and loving memories. Thanks for visiting my recipe post.


    • Hi Wendy,
      Thanks for your kind words. Though I have so many wonderful memories of my grandfather, a good number of them seem to either be in the kitchen or eating somewhere. As I look back, I can clearly see that I come from a long line of food people; even stories I’ve heard from some of the older generations revolve around food. I find this quite funny since I can’t cook a lick.


  2. Welcome to Geneabloggers! I can relate to you in regards to waiting in anticipation as a kid for some delicious yummy a grandparent was baking. For me it was my grandmother’s lemon pound cake.


  3. Welcome to GeneaBloggers. Your apple cake sounds delicious. Looking forward to reading more about your family.


  4. Lisa, that’s funny that you mentioned that sense of an “all day production.” My sister and I had had that very same observation recently while reminiscing over the family recipes we remembered our mother making. She would let us “help,” and we finally concluded that by creating tasks for us to do that required serious repetitive motions, she probably used that as a way to keep us occupied and out of her hair while she did the real work!

    I found your blog today, thanks to a mention in GeneaBloggers. Best wishes as you continue your blogging journey! I’m certainly looking forward to reading more.


    • Thanks for stopping by Jacqi. Ah, yes…I remember those busy tasks well; that was grandfather’s way of keeping me out of the cut apples, batter, potatoes (I was always stealing his raw potatoes), and anything else left sitting when he turned his back.


  5. Welcome to Geneablogger! I am new this week too. Just wanted to check out everyone’s blogs. Will be back to read again. Enjoyed reading your grandfather’s recipe.



    • Thanks and same to you. I’ve been slowly making my way through the other new blogs as well but a quick visit keeps turning into a nice relaxing stay as I get sucked in.


  6. Welcome to Geneabloggers.

    Regards, Jim
    Hidden Genealogy Nuggets


  7. Welcome to Geneabloggers. I’ve been a member for about four months! This is a great blogging community.

    Regards, Grant


    • Thank you very much Grant. Your right…having been a reader of a number of the blogs listed on Geneabloggers for a while now, I knew it was great community but since jumping to the blogger side I am amazed and impressed with the number of people stopping by just to welcome me and the other new bloggers.


  8. thanks for sharing this recipe!! I love stories about the food and recipies of our families. welcome to geneabloggers.


  9. I am so gonna make this cake this week! Thank you for sharing Lisa!



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