Taking the plunge

After spending the past 12 years researching my genealogy I spent 2012 reaching out and connecting with many new cousins, most of which I have since met.  Like me, many of them have also moved away from the area that our ancestors called home.  Since we have scattered, I thought I blog might be a great way to connect those I already know and those I hope to find one day.

This blog is basically going to be about my genealogical journey, my ancestors, and the area of Pennsylvania that my family has lived in for almost 200 years (that I have been able to document).  As you all know, some lines are easier to follow than others so I also plan on including my brick walls.

I have been putting this off long enough so I committed to started this on January 1, 2013 for no other reason than it sounded like a good date I could work to.  In my head it was so much easier.  I honestly have no idea about blogging or online technology so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by the time it took me just to get this to the point where I post something.  I think I am ok with everything except that WP was installed in a subdirectory which is forcing me to include that in the URL.  I have read about redirecting to the root but no matter what I have tried I just couldn’t get it to work to my liking…I’ll chat with my IT guy at work tomorrow and get his thoughts.  I will get this fixed.

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